Same Color Era

Top: Blazer worn backwards

Skirt: Thrift Store

Shoes: Gift from mommy

Purse: Ross

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Blazer: Macys

Pants: Baby Phat(since middle school, I just ripped it)

Shoes: Thrift Store

Purse Chanel

Shirt: Ross



Shirt: Ross

pants: Baby Phat(since middle school lol)

coat: Macy’s

Purse: Chanel

Shoes: Ross 63473-1430076211103

 Coat: Gift from a friend

Dress: Macys

Shoes: Gift

Purse: Ross

 When you are matching the same color always remember being BOLD is the goal. It doesn’t matter if the color is black, red, orange, pink and so on you can always wear just that color. However, certain colors such as orange, depends on the shade you are wearing, sometimes need a light color to complement it even if it’s the shoes or purse. For example, a nude pair of shoes or your purse can be white or black whatever color you think will complement it. In the other hand, we have black which is my favorite color that will go with anything even with itself. You don’t even need any other color with it. White is another color that complement itself no matter how you wear it. As long as you know your body type and the type of clothes that complements it, you are set. Just remember, your attitude and confident are what make the outfit. Be bold, be confident, be you!

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