I wanted to wow my fiancée for our date on Lover’s night! So I threw on a beautiful off white dress that compliments my body well, with nude pumps, silver clutch and it was cold that night so I threw on a beige coat which always give your outfit that chic look. Finally to top it off, I accessorized it with a little color mixture, a beautiful lime green earrings, a gorgeous blue diamond necklace, and fabulous burgundy red lipstick!!! So simple yet sophisticated… Remember the key is to be classy and sexy!!! Make them (male and female😉)turn head while walking away with your mate!!! And yes my fiancée fell in love with me all over again!!😏😏 (Excuse the pictures qualities)

                    Dress: Macy’s 

                   Coat: Macy’s 

          Shoes: Gift from my fiancée 

                     Purse: Macy’s 

                Necklace: Walmart 

          Earrings: Gift from my mom

                  Lipstick: Macy’s 

Photographer: My Fiancée 


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