~Philippians 4:13~

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 I love mix-matching! After putting on my outfit for church this morning, I felt like it was missing something. Something to spice it up and give it that extra Chic look. Then, I thought of the shoes to wear and turn over to my shoe closet and those beautiful pattern pumps were just eying me so I just put them on and BAHM! My outfit was complete. When you are getting dressed, dress for yourself and don’t be scared to risk it. When you feel good and look good, you won’t just be titled “nice”, you will cause traffic.  Make them stop and stare!

Blazer: Gift from an amazing supporter

Skirt: Ross

Shoes: Thrift Store

Purse: Kenneth Cole Reaction Bucket Bag

Earring: Macys

Glasses: Ross

Hair was done by my best friend…

Photographer: My Beautiful Sister


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