The Lioness

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I fell in love with this coat the moment a friend of mine gave it to me. She said she saw it and she remembers that I am a Leo and I would love it and she got it for me. She did not think wrong i am in love with it. I wore it  on a beautiful Sunday, and Florida weather was perfect. I threw on the coat that day not even paying attention to the outfit and it came out to be perfect. I am thinking about moving up North just for the weather because just throwing a coat on a regular outfit gives it that chic look that nothing else can give it.

Coat: gift
Pants: Thrift store
Shoes: Guess
Shirt: Macys
Purse: Ross


4 thoughts on “The Lioness

  1. Great Job putting the fits together.. You're a very talented young lady and I wish you all the best with your future endeavors.. Congrats on the blogpage.. Wilnor


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