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Many people struggle with what to wear on a rainy day. And the funny thing is, it is not so hard to pick out an outfit for the rain. Just remember when there is rain, the weather always drops so it will be a little cool, and also you don’t want to wear anything too flat because 9 out of 10 you will have to walk somewhere that has some type of puddle. From there, you should be able to determine what to wear. However, you can choose to wear whatever color you think is appropriate for the moment or the event you are attending. As for me, I was going to church and also attending my baby cousin’s Dedication. She is a precious little girl, so I thought what other color besides pink defines her. So, I threw on a beautiful pearly/pink sweater, a little vixen yet classy pink pleaded skirt and for the rain a pair of thigh high boots. Remember that other people’s opinion should not matter to your style. Rock it and be confident because no one else can be a better you than YOU!

Sweater: Macys
Skirt: Ross
Boots: Ebay
Purse: Ross
Earrings: Diamond Girl


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