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 My baby became an American Citizen today and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I wanted to make him look good (lol), so I threw on this amazing jumper which I wore before and this awesome oversize stripped blazer. To keep classy and vibrant, I added this beautiful blue diamond necklace and a gorgeous pair of yellow butterflied pumps that he bought me and I was set to go support him. Remember to always look your best and professional when you are going around people that are on that “suit and tie” daily business so that when you walk inside that building, not only will they look at you with an amazing look but they will also think that you are one of them. I loved when the security asked me “are you an attorney ma’am”, I smiled and said “no I am just here to support my fiancee who just became a citizen.” It’s not called “cocky” it is confident. It is amazing when you are somewhere and you realized you just became the center of attention when you didn’t even call for it. In addition, Keep shining ladies, not for the attention but because remember your body is the Temple of Christ so you should embrace it as such!

Purse: Prada
Blazer: Macys
Jumper: Papillon Design
Shoes: Gift from fiancee
Necklace: Walmart
Photographer: My baby…


One thought on “~Wildflower~

  1. The shoes and the necklace, what a wonderful color combination! It brings out the spring out of the black. Beautiful, LOVE !


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