Chanel + Adidas



 Spring has arrived! It is time to bring out all your beautiful prints; Polka dots, Floral, Stripes, etc. It is time to be BOLD. It is time to stand out and make WEIRDNESS the new COOL. Don’t settle to just fit in, have them stare. Remember they will LAUGH but then later COPY!

So, today I decided to welcome Spring with some dark colors. I took a pair of dark gray ankle pants my mom gave me a long time ago and matched them with a simple white T-shirt, and I didn’t want to be on heels so I just went to my fiancee’s closet and took these tennis shoes and put on. If you look closely, I also added a beautiful vintage belt to the outfit because I wanted a little color to complement the shoes. And to complete the look, I threw on an oversize unbuttoned shirt and carried my favorite purse (the hat was just for the sun). And voila, I was ready for church this morning. Dressing up doesn’t have to be boring, be creative and have fun. Be confident because if you feel good, best believe that you look good too!!!

Hat: Forever 21
Shirt: Celine
Oversize Shirt: Macys
Pants: Style & Co
Shoes: Adidas
Purse: Chanel

Photographer: My beautiful sister (Kelly Jean)(Canon Camera)



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