He is Risen!

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Hey Guys Happy Easter! Our Savior rose from the dead to give us life 2000 years ago and He lives today! Today like a every other day is such an amazing and happy day to know that God our Lord sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins and He rose in victory. We are loved guys and we are forgiven!

Before I start with the details about my outfit, I would like to say I am sorry about the wait. I have been caught up with school, I couldn’t update the blog but I am back I will try my best to update the blog at least twice a week! However, about my Easter’s outfit, my fiancee saw how I loved the movie “God’s not dead” so he went and ordered me a shirt with the logo. I have been preserving it for specifically today. In the mean time, I went in my closet and found these beautiful brown pants my designer made for me and I was already half way to complete my outfit. I wanted to go all brown for the remaining pieces so I threw on a pair of brown pumps and finished it with a beautiful brown purse. Did I ever mention that I love Spring in South Florida lol!

Many of us Christians struggle with what to wear, especially in this generation. However, it is not hard at all to dress and still have His light shining on us. Just remember that our body is His temple when picking out your clothes, in the closet or at the mall. You want to represent Him wherever you go. Don’t worry about what others have to say, just worry about what He said in His words. You want to separate yourself from this world and be an example to others. Be beautiful (He created us in His image), have fun, and shine!

 Shirt: God’s not dead (Ebay)
Pants: Papilon Designs (Richard Petit)
Purse: Mark Fisher
Shoes: Baker
Glasses: Ross
Photographer: Kelly Jean (sister)

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