Fro Magic & Denim

Hey guys, I put this outfit together last night to go out with my best friend. She is leaving for the military soon, so we’re catching up as much as we can until she leaves for training. So this outfit was really easy to put together because there was not much to think about. To be honest with you, I was not even going for a vintage look but it still came out like that.

          So for the outfit, I did not want to overdo it since we were only going out to grab something to eat and enjoy the breeze by the beach. I kept it very simple with a button up denim dress, of which I left slightly open to bring a little sexiness to it, under the dress I wore a latex body-shaper, and to accessorize it I threw on the perfect denim purse and the right shoes to go with the entire outfit. You can never go wrong with denim. Especially now that denim is taking over. So remember to rock it well and always keep it simple so you don’t hide out the actual piece that you are trying to showcase. In the end always remember to have fun guys and be beautiful!


Dress: Deja Vu (Local store)

Purse: Deja Vu

Shoes: Citi Trends

Body-Shaper: my sister’s

Photographer: Kelly Jean(sister)

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