Maxi Dress & The Elephant

Hey guys sorry for the delay! So today I got dressed to go to church then two tragic accidents happened by my house which had me stranded. However, I decided to take some shots of my outfit for you guys.

My outfit today was just a simple laid back look. It was extremely hot in South Florida, So I just threw on a black flowered maxi dress. I didn’t feel like dealing with my hair, so I grabbed a hat. Then to finish the look, I carried this beautiful gold purse, and since my jewelries were gold and silver I decided to wear some hot pink, silver studs pumps and my look was complete.

Remember to always keep a simple look in a hot weather. You don’t want to overdo it. Last but not least, Keep it classy, comfortable, and chic. Stay beautiful Ladies!

Dress: Macys

Purse: Deja Vu (Local Store)

Shoes: Online Boutique

Hat: Ebay

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