My Trip to Viscaya

Viscaya was such an amazing experience. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The view, the art, the designs are unbelievable. So many great ideas for my upcoming plans. And it was such a beautiful day in Miami which made it even better.

So to go to Viscaya, I decided to wear something chic and comfortable. Since it was sunny, I wanted to wear the best color that brings out the beauty of the sun and our current season. I just love yellow. It stands out no matter how the weather is. Furthermore, My pants and my blazer are from two different stores and they were bought on complete different days. Many thought they came together. But in reality, each of them was bought for other outfit ideas and that day I woke up feeling bright so I wore yellow on yellow, a sassy white crop top, some hot pink shoes and a nude fury clutch. The easiest yet difficult outfit to put together when marrying the same color and a little mix-matching. All you have to remember is that you do not want to over do it. You do not want to look like a banana lol. So find the best neutral color possible to separate that color then look for the most random color that is totally off the matching scheme and throw it on. Then also remember, wear the outfit with confidence because that is what really makes you look amazing an brings the outfit to life. Oh also remember, if you plan on visiting Viscaya, bring flats with you because there is a lot of walking and bring someone with you to share that great experience, it is way more fun.

As for myself, I had the best privilege to spend that special day with my best friend! As for myself, I had the best privilege to spend that special day with my best friend!

She was also styled by me. Her outfit is simple, chic and comfortable! Easy to put together and easy to manage!

Outfit Details

Me> Blazer: Macys

Shorts: Ross

Crop Top: Ross

Shoes: Valentino

Clutch: Vintage Thrift Store

Glasses: Ross

Bestie> Rumper: Macys

Shoes/Hat/glasses: hers(unknown)

Purse: Prada

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