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Happy Independence Day America! For today’s outfit, I wanted to wear the American flag. And what better way to wear the flag besides in a purse! To complete the outfit, I’ve always wanted to do a denim outfit with those beautiful skirts that are now in trends. So to put it together, I matched this beautiful distress denim skirt with a studded denim shirt, for the shoes I kept it neutral with some nude pumps and finish it with some blue aviation glasses and a popping red lipstick.

The whole outfit revolves on the purse. If you look at the pictures, to bring out the American flag I kept the outfit simple but still chic. Always remember what you are focusing your outfit on because you do not want to overshadow that actual piece. For example, if I had on a shirt with the American flag printed on it, I would do my best to keep the remaining outfit simple so that the flag could come out. However, you still want the other pieces to be noticeable. For this outfit, I could have on all black garments, or all white depends on how I was feeling. However, since I’ve always wanted to do this denim outfit, I decided to just go with it today. Again, you DO NOT want to have a lot going on in your outfit when you are trying to sell that specific piece. The best thing to do is just be you, but always be mindful for exactly what you are focusing on in that particular outfit!

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Bucket Bag: Citi Trends

Glasses: Ross

Shirt: Macys

Skirt: Ebay

Shoes:Online Boutique(Not louboutins they just happen to have red bottoms)

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