The White Cape-Blazer

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Greetings guys from South Florida. Today was an amazing and excited day for me. I’ve achieved something I have been working on today and I could not do it without My Lord. Anyways, for today’s outfit I wanted a different look, something edgy and simple, and this beautiful cape-blazer made it happen without even trying too hard. So to put the look together, I threw on this black and white stripped body suite with a black high-waisted pencil skirt then completed it with the blazer. Finally, I finished it with some black pumps and an off-white tote bag.

Black and white are such beautiful mixtures and so easy to style. Remember, building your next wardrobe does not have to be difficult. It is just a matter of the colors that you choose to wear on that day. I can guarantee you if you choose to mix black and white, it will be one of the easiest outfit you will put together. Just remember to keep it simple. Black and white are two beautiful and plain colors so when styling them keep them just as plain but chic. Be comfortable and rock your look because you created it. So sell it with confidence!

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Cape-blazer: EBay

Bodysuit: Macys

Skirt: Deja-vu Consignment

Shoes: Zara

Purse: Dooney & Bourke

glasses: Coral Square Mall

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