The Versace House

01da1e86f9b314d23482e72ddf50bc6ea58d2ecf6a01d3d18e669a0419d6c93ad8e351293fa071bd5cb6 Last night my best friend dragged me out of the house and went to a friend birthday dinner Downtown Miami. Ironically, the Versace House happens to be right next to our destination and I thought it would be cool to take some pictures of my outfit for you guys in front of it. Excuse the pictures quality, it was late night and I took them with my iphone. However, to accompany the bestie, I wanted to look sexy, comfortable, classy, and chic. So, I took this beautiful polka dots shirt dress and wore it with these suede high thigh boots and to keep chic, I carried my black and gold Chanel purse. It was incredibly easy to put this outfit together. There were not much to do or think about. The shirt dress was sophisticated already then the boots brought out a whole different side. So all I was left with to finish the look was my make up which I kept natural with a sexy burgundy red lipstick.

Building a sexy look does not have to be tight garments. If you are someone like me that do not like clothes that hugs my body too tight then an outfit like this is well recommended for your next girls night out. I hate seeing these girls trying so hard to look sexy and they can barely more or breath. Why try so hard when you can make it so easy and COMFORTABLE. For your next outfit, wear something a little looser yet sexy and accessorize it your way and believe me you will not regret. Switch it up a little, stay away from that same boring “tight dress” era that female use nowadays to go out. Have fun with yourself, remember the sexiness is coming from your own skin not the outfit. You have to make the outfit look sexy. So have fun sexy and be creative!

  011bb8880ee411dfdc2a8e0f8c9ae43f36ea719036 017d56054dd320c37c74a849306f65f00ac6df267d 019f9a813db008a1299b8486899301b7954de23ca4 01148406c65e02ea0c6719f04fd2fc5e71eb79a8e5Shirt Dress: Ross

Boots: Ebay

Purse: Chanel

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