Overall & Mickey


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Today was one of the most beautiful days in South Florida. Went out with my mommy and decided to keep it casual and always comfortable. So, I kept it simple with an overall, a mickey mouse t-shirt which belongs to my sister and finished it with a beautiful pink flowered vest. Then I accessorized the whole look with this beautiful gray purse, some gray/silver shoes and sliver aviation glasses. And this background was perfect for the outfit.
               It took me less than 2 minutes to put this look together. What made it harder was going through my sister’s closet, other than that I just thought of the look I wanted to go for and just threw the pieces together. Gray/silver is a color that can be worn with almost everything. So, after I chose the shirt from my sister’s closet the rest of my outfit was easy create. Sometimes, all you need is just that one major piece which is your basic color to create a great outfit. Just remember to focus on that specific color and don’t overshadow it. In my outfit, even with the flowers on my vest I was still able to make the color gray as visible as possible. Just keep in mind, in any outfit you always want to focus on a specific color. Once you choose that color, the rest of the outfit will come to you within seconds.

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Overall: Ebay
Shirt: Macys
Shoes/Purse: Ross
Vest: Thrift
Glasses: Citi Trends
 Photographer: Kelly Jean

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