Happiness is Expensive

0174e9166a410d79c1c388de31e27e9b25a429df8301a6e952f5899dcd6c72ae5869aba30ce136cf2947 01dc349b6124bc6fdbe0765d2f35fe9c795726aa24 01eca4ce415b5e0291c7ce0c801c218feb2829edb1 Prints, Prints, Prints! I love Prints… You name it, I’ll wear it. This outfit is one of my favorite creations so far. It was so comfortable, chick and edgy. It fits perfectly and that vest is everything. It was quite easy to put together believe it or not. The skirt and the vest were already there for me, so all I had to come up with was the shirt to wear under the vest, the shoes and the purse. The shoes and the purse were were a little easier to come up with since they coordinate with the color scheme of the skirt and the vest. However, the shirt was a huge risk because of the white prints in front of it. If it was simply black it would be fine but the white was completely out of context of this wardrobe. However, somehow I pulled it off. Remember, you don’t always have to play it safe. Sometimes, you have to risk it. Go with a color that is completely off the color scheme of your entire outfit and rock it. Be confident, be beautiful, be unique and be YOU!!!!010f33eef44d1595fcfcb6defe8011a7a8008a2046 01302e2f764d45532d0109af30bd2b1cec5e43cc5d015eb2552c69dfbe70d08472ddba35f52f59269050  016525ad8e49cced1a51f6923f1d926e3aa2c68201 Skirt/Vest: Sawgrass Mall

Purse: Mark Fisher

Shoes/shirt: Ross

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