A Hint of Red

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Black is one of the easiest color to style, especially if it is the base color of the outfit. In this outfit, I am simply wearing a black dress with black stockings, black ankle boots and a black bucket bag. Then I finished it with a hint of red. Black is such a rich color. Putting this outfit together was so much fun. I had my mother right there making fun of me saying that the dress makes me look like I am pregnant but she was also telling me how I pulled it off really well. The beautiful thing about styling is that the moment you put your hands on the main piece of garment of your outfit everything else comes easily. Just remember to style your outfit accordingly so you can be on point for any event. But always be unique. Create your signature look!

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Dress: Ross

Bucket Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Shoes: Citi Trends

Stockings: Any Convenient Store

Bandana: Any convenient store

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