Army Green & Nude

01c8e71a49a5d847d58c5fe4d823aeaad2f275aa7d010f1562f64399d47aefcd3265b9ebcf598c521d430165a44cc7d894043137b6fcf7b1b0f9e2913dbad2 I went to keep my mother company at her first CNA interview of which she was hired. I am so proud of her. She came far with memory problems to accomplish this. However, for my outfit, I kept it simple like always and it is very easy to put together. I found myself falling in love with the army green these days. So, all there was to do after I had my shirt and shorts was to find the shoes after that everything else came easy. Even though the shirt and the shorts were different shades of green, they were able to blend in. Additionally, the entire outfit is very affordable. Well, the shorts were the only one that cost me the most. I got them for $50.00 from Macy’s, other than that everything else were under $20.00. Putting an outfit together doesn’t have to be difficult and you do not have to go shopping to create new looks. Put your closet to use and if you need any assistance on how you can wear one piece of wardrobe more than once just send me a message through my contact page or just click on the word contact, and I’ll be more than happy to help. Remember, dressing up doesn’t have to be boring. Just put out that inner creativity and rock it! 012d39e2b9bc420f71a5267ce46dba04ba520351da01a074e74214d5fbe6c0a249bfde72a8c8371f4af4 01686533cd3ebd007fcdebbc42a39e5e40aba83036

Shirt/Blouse: Forever 21

Shorts: Guess

Shoes: Bandalino

Bucket Bag: Ross


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