Summer Blues

01641e0ffd0c87b0abb437c8352a989587900c5db6 011d5f092552d8806f1c09a8f0588ac38f14300b22 0167c711763f5ed1bfcf0c8b97d65bd3b2500f4921 01caec2b06ed25595b91840f111c90123b964bbbbb 017bc21c69f095c9d40126be87a76f0eada446cd0e 01518f5e0dfb1ba3ee75aec7aa4b96d0c80fa1689a 0141ff742b2d984064e51782cdbd78f2297cfc487b 010d6aeee75efc535d8f66e0bf3b94c8415c38b38eHope everyone is getting ready to enjoy their weekend. I have been working all week so I could get the weekend free for my birthday which was yesterday. However, I took these pictures since last Sunday but I didn’t have the time to edit them until last night. I wore this outfit to church last week. I was feeling a little blue when I woke up that Sunday and I threw some prints in it as well. Nothing says bigger and better than some prints mixture during the summer. Sometimes you just have to risk it. To put it together, I just took this beautiful pleaded pattern dress and threw this oversize stripped blazer then completed it with some blue pumps, a navy blue shoulder purse and some blue aviation glasses. It was quite simple but a little edgy. It is always okay to be simple, it is also okay to be bold and different. You can keep an outfit simple yet still edgy, it just depends on the materials of your wardrobe and how you style it. Just remember, you are your own stylist and nobody can tell you nothing. Once you feel good about what you’re wearing, believe me you will look good too. And when you know you look good, your audience has no choice but to stare. So go big or stay home!

0189723a20edca487dbcf5d2e2f5970794b53d205c 01c34140307d8b023f05f1f6f074a3a6ac05a80448 01fbf711559cac98988dc90b3c34983f6b7b317b03 011ff3882ac4e66925d6b168d95dfd28b132a84692

Dress/Blazer: Deja Vu Consignment

Shoes: Ebay

Purse: Gift

Glasses: Ross

Photographer: Kelly Jean

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