Lady in Red (Birthday/Anniversary  Celebration Day 1)


On August 13th I turned 22 years young and so far it has been the best birth weekend ever. Last night, my baby took me out to dinner in the city (Miami) and it was indeed an unbelievable night. For my outfit, I had on a beautiful off shoulder red jumpsuit with a white feathered coat over my shoulders. I completed it with silver and gold clutch, beautiful pearls and a pair of black red-bottom pumps. I like to think of my self as royalty so I look and act the part. When you are creating a wardrobe for a certain event make sure you create a signature look that highlights every corner. Get the attention a queen get when they arrive somewhere. Last night, I was accompanied by my king so I had to make sure I came forward as his queen. It was amazing to have the owner of a 5star restaurant come to our table just to make sure that we were doing ok. That’s the type of attention you want to draw upon you. You don’t have to be a celebrity to get treated like one you just have to own it. There is a saying that says “Dress like you want to be addressed”, I promise you if you follow this quote you will always get the welcome and attention you deserve. Be classy, be sassy, be you and grace your Crown because you are a queen!


Jumpsuit/coat/clutch: Deja Vu Consignment

pumps: Chritian Louboutin

Pearls: Gift from my husband

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