Orange Crush (Birthday/Anniversary ┬ácelebration continues… Day 2)

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So yesterday, my husband surprised me with a helicopter ride around the beautiful city of Miami. It was an amazing experience plus it was my very first time being in a helicopter. I got to experience Miami Beach at another point of view. It was incredibly beautiful. Furthermore, my outfit was quite luxurious and so was my husband’s. Very classy, comfortable, and simple. The dress was what made the outfit, so there was not much to do to it. I just left it as is and only grabbed the necessities, a pair of red-bottom pumps, a beautiful off white clutch and a pair of aviation glasses and it was complete. Additionally, my husband’s outfit was much easier to put together. After I chose the pants and the shoes for him to wear I just had to come up with a shirt which was quite simple.

Going on a date with your mate or someone you just started dating does not have to be dull. Keep it classy, sexy yet comfortable. Make sure he and “them” can’t keep their eyes off of you. You can make anything look the way you want them to look on you. It’s just based on your taste. I love looking luxurious, because I love getting treated as such. Remember the saying “you get back what you put out,” so choose your wardrobe wisely!

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My Outfit

Dress/Clutch: Deja Vu Consignment

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Glasses: Ray Bans

My husband’s Outfit

Shirt: Dockers

Pants: American Rags

Shoes: Payless


A beautiful picture of the city of Miami Beach…

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