Hot Pink & Wide Brim

013e477d6ea00d9b53901f239bddf78f60fe85fafe01f61293a2f0bd21114e50757220ab649cf803efaa0151368565d4c950ce130d2ca4a9e35f48639786eb01cf9c89705c525d6294a4176bddb7318f0c11e90a 01d5f588414c0a82297f2ea69cd19eeb1cf8ac1396  Greetings everyone, I hope you are enjoying your week so far. Yesterday, I was running a lot of errands plus I had to meet up with my lawyer so I decided to wear something really formal and chic but still comfortable. The pictures without the sweater were how I was most of the time because it was extremely hot, but I carried the sweater anyways because my lawyer’s office is usually really cold and I am anemic so not a good combination. However, I still took some pictures wearing the sweater to show you what it looks like with the pants because they come together. In addition, those high-waisted trousers are very comfortable but they are a little too big for me because I lost weight which is why I wore a belt. And I know it’s fall now but this hot pink was just seating in my closet calling my name and I thought what the heck, so I styled it with a black and white striped crop top, two different shades of pink for my purse and my shoes. Then I threw on a wide brim hat because I was having a really bad hair day. Like always, this outfit was quite easy to create. I try my best to keep my outfits as simple as possible for my readers so they can have a better idea of what to do for their next wardrobe even if it is not the exact concept as my outfit. Just keep in mind that you can always send me a private message if you have any questions at any time. So be creative and keep rocking! 017ad0c5994e4ab0a4551c61aecc64e3d9a0eaedc2 014505ba25c513539e5bdfa1aa3d06bf8cb7547d05010396c817d4fe14da6a4688bdd976414da7a97930

Belt: Vera Wang

Hat/Shoes: Ebay

Pants/Sweater: Deja Vu Consignment

Shirt/Purse: Ross

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