Grungy & Chic

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Hello lovelies, hope you are enjoying your week so far. Last week was a crazy week for Floridians after the Erika hurricane announcement. I thank God it didn’t come as expected but we did get some heavily rainy days. However, that same week me and a couple of friends went to see this amazing movie that just came called War Room. It is amazing, very spiritual, I recommend everyone to go see it. I promise you will enjoy it.

However, for my outfit I wanted to feel comfortable as always, cozy since it was raining and very windy and casual but very chic. As you can see, there was not much complication to the outfit. It was just a pair of black distress jeans, a black cop top plus a pair of ankle boots, which I am in love with because it is very vintage and they are made to walk in. Then to complete it, I added a wool waistcoat, and accessorized the whole look with a multi-color vintage clutch and threw on a hat to protect my hair since it was raining. I love rainy days and on those days I get a chance to wear my trench or other type of coats, other than that, South Florida be too hot to even touch that side of my closet. So remember, no matter what the day feels like, you can always make the best out of it, it just depends on your taste and how you also feel that particular day. I know everyone loves to be comfortable in everything they wear, so let’s start with comfortable when creating a wardrobe. After you brainstorm of all the pieces then start with the color and so on then finish with process of elimination to see which ones you are for certain that you want to wear. If you do that more often it will be easier and faster to get dressed.

For any questions, remember I am just a click away or just send me an email and I will answer as soon as I get the message!

image image image imageCoat: Thrift

Crop Top: Ross

Pants: Old Baby Phat jeans (since middle school)

Boots: Thrift

Hat: Gift from husband

Clutch: Deja Vu

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