Culottes, Fringe & Prints

014407968611b945a370a89f4066b90d744d53024801c2777368429801f059d2627ce38681787f4c648001bf8f6cbf974668219e9d94abcaf7e6b3d445dd0f013c1ad6c68236a5d99ca6345613349b27cc6396320181ddd8060506287ad4aa788b3b672cecba5ece11    Greeting everyone, I am very sorry for taking so long to update the blog. I have been really busy trying to adapt to my new work schedule. I am still trying but I think I’m getting a hang of it. I hope you all are enjoying the new season. Today, I felt so great to be back in church after missing it two Sundays in a row. However for my outfit, it was a little complex because of the prints and the color mixtures but I still managed to keep it as simple as possible. I tried my best to not bring to much complications to it. As you all know, for the last season or so, fringe and culottes have been the top of the most trending categories in the fashion industry. So today, I decided to put them in an outfit together and threw in some prints along with them. It was a huge risk I must say but I pulled off after all.

Creating the outfit took me a little longer than expected because I knew I wanted to wear the culottes but I was not sure the shirt to wear with it. So I scanned through the closet and found that short sleeved blazer and I remember I had a hat that matches so I thought to myself ‘I could make it work’. And when I put it on I noticed that there were some extra layers added to the look. Then I took the shoes which were made of fringe and it also brought some life to the outfit with the colors. I know it’s the fall but a little color never hurts. Just go with whatever you feel like wearing and always remember, it is okay to take some time to brainstorm, because it helps a lot especially when you have no clue what to wear. So, take your sweet time. It is always best to be fashionably late than to look a hot mess.

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012ea44ad69a7f9822f1168f183c2cf52ce5f11258  01acb6fe38f469e64d439236b40b2e47fa85b3c629

Culottes/Shoes: Ebay

Blazer: Macys

Hat: Thrift

Glasses: Ross

3 thoughts on “Culottes, Fringe & Prints

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