Baseball Cap & Leather Tights

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Greetings everyone, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and getting ready to welcome the week with a positive and creative mindset. I put this fit together to go to an orientation at my church, I’m trying to get into the children’s ministry.  On that particular day, it was storming so I created the look based on that weather. I wanted to be comfortable, cozy and chic, so I threw on a pair of black leather tights and black long blouse. Then I completed it with a gray waist coat, some black ankle boots and I was having a bad hair day so I threw on a baseball cap. And of course I carried my new favorite black purse. I love black, it is such an elegant color plus it’s universal. So if you are still in the loop on what to wear this week, keep in mind that you can never go wrong with black. Black has no season. Also, there is no such thing as too much black, just keep it classy and comfortable. And if you are going for more of a casual look, keep it chic and simple.

image image image image

Blouse: forever 21

Tights: Rainbow

Boots: Kohls

coat: Macys

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