Bienvenue Octobre


October, we welcome you! Fall has indeed arrived and we fashionistas need to get busy. As fashion week continues around the globe, we need to get our wardrobes ready to rock our own runway. As for this outfit, I put it together a while back but I never had a chance to publish it. It’s one of my most loved outfit ever. I am in love with the dress and the patterns are incredible. I remember when I was purchasing it, I asked my husband what he thought of it and his first words were ” well it’s different, and you are different so it fits you perfectly.” When I get dressed, I think about uncommon things. For example, things people wouldn’t wear or overlooked when shopping. I can turn the most boring piece into the most interested piece in the outfit. That is what fashion and style is all about. I guess that’s why my husband and many others think I’m different. Remember, different is always good. You get to stand out of a crowd and be yourself. October is your month to bring those closets to life and for you to shine. Let’s give people something to be inspired by. Let’s bring life to those streets and turn them into our own runway. Be different, be bold, be you, and let’s make this fall a season to remember.

IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0099Dress: Ideeli

Shoes: Micheal Kors

Purse: Nine West

Glasses: Ross

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