Grandma Hat & Faux Fur

IMG_0022 IMG_0025 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0027 IMG_0024IMG_0033IMG_0034IMG_0021 IMG_0032 IMG_0020    IMG_0023 IMG_0031 IMG_0029 IMG_0026 IMG_0035So I have the tendency of buying things that people would ignore when shopping, which is what makes my style so unique. For this outfit, I walked into a thrift store and the first thing I saw was that hat. I immediately thought of my Nanna because she loved wearing those hats. I purchased it right away and I decided to style in my Nanna’s honor before I send it for her to Haiti. Styling it was not so hard at all. After I figured out what I wanted to wear with the hat, everything else was just a walk in the a park. The shoes correlated to both the hat and the dress. Then I spiced it up with a nice short sleeves/faux fur coat, furred clutch and a beautiful faux purled necklace. I try my best to keep my outfits as simple as possible so my readers don’t have a hard time in case they try to recreate them. However, let yourself be inspired so you can inspire. Inspiration is the key to a creative mind.

Coat/Shoes: Ross

Hat/Purls: Deja Vu Consignmen

Dress/purse: Local Thrift Store

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