Monochromatic & Layers

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If you are based in South Florida, then you know the struggle we, fashion lovers, go through to keep up with the seasons. I’m pretty sure you know the saying “it is always summer in South Florida” lol. Well, it’s miracle for us when the weather cools down. Anyways for this outfit, black and white are two of my favorite colors that I love together. They are very chic and compliment each other very well. And the most awesome thing about those two colors is that they are easy to style and manage. If you are planning on making the whole outfit black and white with no other colors interfering then it shouldn’t take you long once you find the main pieces of your outfit. So the next time you are planning on going out, black and white is a great way to go.

Shirt: Michael Kors

Skirt: Edge Look

Shoes: Guess

Waist Coat: Thrift ($5)

Glasses: Citi Trends

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