Just A Little Time

My nightmares are becoming reality.

Being helpless is another felony.

Laying down examining about what’s happening in Haiti now and what will happen in the future.

Will it be success or will it be more horrifying?

Trying to find a shovel to dig myself out but seems like my heels are digging in even more.

Trapped between two different worlds and can’t seem to find a word.

My country is perishing.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and kidnappings are challenging it.

My life is out of control.

My brain is exploding out of my head.

Can’t seem to get the hang of it.

Kneeling, praying for a change but can’t find no answer.

Does God hear me?

Can my sins block my prayers from reaching God?

Why do I feel like I’m lost between those two worlds?

Tears can’t stop falling down my cheeks like a waterfall.

Looking around to find help but they’re attacking me.

Sitting in my room, trying to rewind my memory.

“The world is going to end one day Sthelie, don’t know when and how but it is.” My grandmother said one day.

Was what she said true?

God answer me! ! ! Please! ! !

Taking my time to read Apocalypse in my Bible, and the similarity between it and what’s happening in the world at this moment, I can see that Prophecy is accomplishing.

We only have a little time to make the best out of it.

Dedicated to my country Haiti!

Sthelie J.

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