Plaid & Leopard

IMG_0269IMG_0262IMG_0263IMG_0264IMG_0265IMG_0266IMG_0268IMG_0261Hello everyone, I pray that you all are doing wonderful… I know I was gone for a few months, but I am back stronger than ever by the grace of God. I took a few times off to get some things in my life situated and I was overwhelming myself with so much that i found myself lost in the midst of them all. However, the love of Christ helped me through it all. SO, I AM BACK!

To come back, I decided to wear this beautiful plaid dress coat with some leopard print heels. It was kind of hard to come up with something last minute since it was pouring but it came out pretty nice.

Purse: Ross

Coat/Dress: Thrift

Shoes: Online boutique

Belt: Thrift

Fall, Fun & Sexy

IMG_0024 IMG_0021 IMG_0025 IMG_0020 IMG_0026 IMG_0022 IMG_0019 IMG_0013 IMG_0018 IMG_0015 IMG_0012 IMG_0010 IMG_0011Off-shoulder and fringe were two of the hottest topics in the fashion industry for the summer and they continue to make headlines even in fall. What other ways can you say fun and sexy than an off-shoulder garment. This little dress has to be one of the sexiest piece of clothing I own. It’s so sexy, playful and it adds a little bohemian taste to the look. And yes I did put this outfit together for church. It is okay to switch it up a bit when going to church or any other places. Have some fun with your closet, create different looks and still keep your signature style. Think of art, different in many ways but make sure when someone looks at it, he/she sees you.

Dress: Ebay
Purse/Shoes: Ross
Necklace/Belt: Thrift

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Photographer: Kelly J.

Autumn in Black

image image image imageAnybody else excited for fall as I am? It is such a beautiful season. The trees, the leaves on the ground, the colors, the weather and most importantly the fashion is indeed amazing.  Anyways, I created this outfit a few days ago to go to a job interview. You know your girl always leave a great impression when it comes to dressing up, so of course I was getting compliments from left to right. My outfit was quite simple like always. And lately I’ve been in the mood for all black so that’s all I’ve been wearing. In this outfit, I had on a beautiful black jump suit on, a long black blazer, a pair of black pumps, black sunnies, and my new favorite black purse. Oh and for my hair, I just let out the puff. As you can see, there are not much to it. Just keep in mind that simplicity is key. So go search through your closet and get your wardrobes ready for this beautiful season because it will be a great one.

image imageJumpsuit: Xoxo

Blazer: Local Consignment store

Pumps: Louboutins

Glasses: Ross