FBF: Unpublished



Pancho: Ebay

Ankle Boots: Citi Trends

Shirt/Tights: Ross


Blouse & Belt: Macy’s

Skirt: Ross

Ankle Boots: Citi Trends

Waist Coat: Ebay

Whats up everyone!!! It’s Flashback Fridayyyy, LOL… So, I took these pictures a while back, like in January, and I never had a change to upload them on here. However, I have been contemplating on whether I should publish them or not. Well, we see the results of that ;)… Anyway, here you guys go, I hope I didn’t make a mistake in uploading them… Enjoy, and remember Jesus Loves you!!!!

Plaid & Leopard

IMG_0269IMG_0262IMG_0263IMG_0264IMG_0265IMG_0266IMG_0268IMG_0261Hello everyone, I pray that you all are doing wonderful… I know I was gone for a few months, but I am back stronger than ever by the grace of God. I took a few times off to get some things in my life situated and I was overwhelming myself with so much that i found myself lost in the midst of them all. However, the love of Christ helped me through it all. SO, I AM BACK!

To come back, I decided to wear this beautiful plaid dress coat with some leopard print heels. It was kind of hard to come up with something last minute since it was pouring but it came out pretty nice.

Purse: Ross

Coat/Dress: Thrift

Shoes: Online boutique

Belt: Thrift

Lace It Up


You cannot go through fall without one of those sexy khaki suede skirts. They are so comfortable and easy to manage. It can be worn to any casual event whether day or night. For my outfit, I put it together to attend a birthday dinner. Styling it was quite easy I must say. In fact, it shouldn’t take you long when putting a wardrobe together. You just have to know yourself and know what’s in your closet then everything else will come easily. Also in this outfit, I am wearing some sexy thigh-high suede and laced boots… Can I say these shoes were made to walk! Plus, they are very chic and can be styled for any occasion. So, yes I definitely recommend them. Therefore, don’t let fall get away without those two items, the skirt and the boots, in your closet!

Purse: Chanel

Boots: Lola Shoetique

Skirt/Shirt: Ebay

Waist Coat: Thirft

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Monochromatic & Layers

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If you are based in South Florida, then you know the struggle we, fashion lovers, go through to keep up with the seasons. I’m pretty sure you know the saying “it is always summer in South Florida” lol. Well, it’s miracle for us when the weather cools down. Anyways for this outfit, black and white are two of my favorite colors that I love together. They are very chic and compliment each other very well. And the most awesome thing about those two colors is that they are easy to style and manage. If you are planning on making the whole outfit black and white with no other colors interfering then it shouldn’t take you long once you find the main pieces of your outfit. So the next time you are planning on going out, black and white is a great way to go.

Shirt: Michael Kors

Skirt: Edge Look

Shoes: Guess

Waist Coat: Thrift ($5)

Glasses: Citi Trends

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Bienvenue Octobre


October, we welcome you! Fall has indeed arrived and we fashionistas need to get busy. As fashion week continues around the globe, we need to get our wardrobes ready to rock our own runway. As for this outfit, I put it together a while back but I never had a chance to publish it. It’s one of my most loved outfit ever. I am in love with the dress and the patterns are incredible. I remember when I was purchasing it, I asked my husband what he thought of it and his first words were ” well it’s different, and you are different so it fits you perfectly.” When I get dressed, I think about uncommon things. For example, things people wouldn’t wear or overlooked when shopping. I can turn the most boring piece into the most interested piece in the outfit. That is what fashion and style is all about. I guess that’s why my husband and many others think I’m different. Remember, different is always good. You get to stand out of a crowd and be yourself. October is your month to bring those closets to life and for you to shine. Let’s give people something to be inspired by. Let’s bring life to those streets and turn them into our own runway. Be different, be bold, be you, and let’s make this fall a season to remember.

IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0099Dress: Ideeli

Shoes: Micheal Kors

Purse: Nine West

Glasses: Ross