Nude City

I hope fall has been treating everyone great so far. As for me, Florida’s weather has been splendid thus far. It’s not too hot because it’s a little windy which makes it perfect and much more easier to build a wardrobe. For this outfit, I wore it to church last Sunday and it has to be one of my favorite outfits ever. I am in love with the nude and the fact that the location where I took the pictures matches the outfit makes it even better. Moreover, I was worried a little while putting this outfit together because I was trying to get all the nudes to match but they came out different shades anyway. However, I was still able to pull it off.
Nude is one of the fewest colors that can be styled with any other color. So always remember, if you are planning on wearing nude, you can accessorize it with any other color(s) of your choice. Also keep in mind to be fierce and confident with whatever you wear because your attitude is the best accessory of your outfit.


Skirt/Purse: Ross

Shirt: Macys

Blazer: local thrift store

Shoes: Online store

Fringe With Faux Leather

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0179b8dc80fac1958402510eb312786c8e55e8c0f1  Fall has arrived and too bad I can’t say that Florida will have the proper weather but I can honestly say that it’s going to be a fashionable season for all my fashionistas. I put this outfit together to go see my lawyer in the city the other day. It was very casual, chic, comfortable and simple like always. My two favorite pieces in the outfit are the fringe skirt and the clutch because the skirt fit perfectly and it is so comfortable, for the purse I love the pattern and the colors. I also like the color of the shirt because it highlights the season and the shoes are very comfortable, they are easily to walk in. This outfit is an outfit anyone can create straight out of their closet. The skirt does not have to be fringed, it can be different colors, just remember that it’s your look that you are creating. You can put your own flavor in it. Own it, put your best foot forward and rock it.0108314858e68eec408bcd779aa8288be73c6c0b99 018a970867520616565d10f68ebb63e12bfeb81226 013343fd4e8250ffc4fbe31de9f6b194958d153f9901781e34764a21b68482a6ed71a8ca0b894b84d612

Shoes: Anne Michelle

Clutch: Deja Vue Consignment

Skirt: Online Store

Shirt: Ross

Necklace: Coral Square Mall