Plaid & Leopard

IMG_0269IMG_0262IMG_0263IMG_0264IMG_0265IMG_0266IMG_0268IMG_0261Hello everyone, I pray that you all are doing wonderful… I know I was gone for a few months, but I am back stronger than ever by the grace of God. I took a few times off to get some things in my life situated and I was overwhelming myself with so much that i found myself lost in the midst of them all. However, the love of Christ helped me through it all. SO, I AM BACK!

To come back, I decided to wear this beautiful plaid dress coat with some leopard print heels. It was kind of hard to come up with something last minute since it was pouring but it came out pretty nice.

Purse: Ross

Coat/Dress: Thrift

Shoes: Online boutique

Belt: Thrift

The Jogger


Many people wear joggers on their relaxing day, to the gym or to run errands because I can honestly say they are very comfortable. But did you ever think about wearing one to a casual outing or maybe a meeting? In these images, I wore those joggers to church. Yes I said it, CHURCH! So as you can see you can dress it up and you can dress it down. It all depends on your styling and attitude. Be sophisticated, be confident, be yourself and you can turn any piece of clothing into what you want it to be. So Be blessed and stay fashionable.

Shirt: Material Girls

Short sleeves blazer: Macys

Joggers: Macys

Shoes: Louboutins

Glasses: Ross

Necklace: Ebay


Big Hair, Don’t Care๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฝ


Hello my beautiful readers. Hope you all are looking forward to celebrate Jesus Christ Our Savior’s birthday.  It is such a great feeling getting to wish our God a happy birthday. Everyday is His birthday but this season is extra special.

In addition, I’ve been wanted to take some shots of one of my work attires to share with you guys but it’s either I get lazy or I’m running late for work lol. However, I finally made it happen. I wore this outfit on a Monday to work. It was more of a casual week for me. It was very comfortable and since it was raining plus my workplace is very cold that trench coat and the boots kept me really warm. And I bet you can tell I loved my hair (which I didn’t leave on for long lol). All in all, this outfit is a pretty simple outfit that anyone, I really mean anyone can recreate and put their own twist to it if they want to. So, Let’s start the week with a great vibe and don’t cease to smile because we are serving a living God…

Coat/belt: Local thrift store

Shirt: Macys

Pants/boots: Ross