Interior Fashion

Dinning Room Set: City Furniture; Mirror: Local Thrift; Clock: TJ Maxx
Vases: Ross; Family sign: Family Dollar; Orchid: Ross
My Favorite Board in the House (Family Dollar)!!
Letters: Salvation Army


Favorite Verse-Psalm 27:1: Family Dollar

Hiyaaaa  my lovely readers! I pray that you all are doing amazing. So I wanted to share with you all another obsession of mine beside Street Fashion… Interior designs is something I love to do. I enjoy playing around with different colors, mix matching, the boldness, etc… I took some pictures of my place and I wanted to share them with you guys.

My husband and I were living with my parents for about a year and God blessed us with our own place a couple months ago. It is a huge step and lots of responsibility but we are all for it and in the midst of it all, I found lots of pleasure in decorating and making a masterpiece. I think I did a great job. I hope you think I did too. So, Enjoy!!!!

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A Merry Vintage Christmas💫


Many people love the way I dress because I always get compliments from my audience and based on you guys feedback. However, I also have people that finds the way I dress a little ordinary which is also fine with me because no matter what you do in life you will always get negative feedback. Therefore when you are getting dressed, don’t think on whether people will like it or not. Make sure you look good for yourself. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to stand out and be odd. Just remember this, the people that will think you look odd will later on try to see how they look in that similar outfit you had on and that is a fact. Just be confident and stay beautiful.

Matching Set: Thrift

Shoes: Ebay

Purse: Ross

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Rainy Sundays👢👢


  Hello my lovely readers, hope you are all doing fashionably wonderful. Two Sundays ago I woke up clueless of what to wear so I peaked through my closet and saw that oversized blazer and I thought what the heck and wore it as a dress 😂. Then I realized that it was missing a button and my husband saved the day with a pin. Moreover, as I was stepping out, it started to rain and I saw my husband’s trench coat so I just threw it on my back. It was a comfortable, chic and vintage outfit. It took me a little longer than usual to put together because I was so tired and I was not feeling it but thank God my husband was there to lift me up. So kudos to you babe😘! 

We all have those days where we wake up and don’t want to even bother but best thing to do is just believe in yourself, throw anything on and know that you will rock it no matter what… We are fashionistas after all 😏!!!

  • Trench: local mall
  • Blazer Dress: thrift 
  • Boots: thrift 
  • Purse: EBay