The Jogger


Many people wear joggers on their relaxing day, to the gym or to run errands because I can honestly say they are very comfortable. But did you ever think about wearing one to a casual outing or maybe a meeting? In these images, I wore those joggers to church. Yes I said it, CHURCH! So as you can see you can dress it up and you can dress it down. It all depends on your styling and attitude. Be sophisticated, be confident, be yourself and you can turn any piece of clothing into what you want it to be. So Be blessed and stay fashionable.

Shirt: Material Girls

Short sleeves blazer: Macys

Joggers: Macys

Shoes: Louboutins

Glasses: Ross

Necklace: Ebay


Bold & Confident


As a Christian, you have to be very careful with certain outfits that you find comfortable. I know that it can be really difficult. However, it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with a little prayer. When you wake up each day or each time you are getting dressed ask God to guide you and for Him to reflect in you. As for me, it’s a little bit easier for me, styling is a gift that God has favored me with. At time I can close my eyes and pick out my next outfit through my entire closet, but many times after I choose an outfit God guides me to another outfit of which He wants me to wear. So you can never be too sure about an outfit. Sometimes you may picture it in your head but don’t come out the way you expected it to be. But when you allow God to direct you, everything comes out perfect. “In all your ways acknowledge God, and He shall direct your path. Proverbs 3:6

I love this outfit because it’s edgy and bold plus it complemented my hair lol. The necklace touch in this outfit, to me, makes the whole outfit. It’s classy and sexy at the same time. All in all, remember that you are representing Him everywhere you go, so be yourself and look your best.

Shirt Dress: Forever 21

Pants: Material Girls

Shoes: Citi Trends

Glasses: Ross

Necklace: Ebay

Earring: Diamond Girls (Local Hair Store)

Purse: Vitoria Secret


Let’s Get Springy Together

Let's Get Springy Together

M Co cami shirt
$7.11 –

Balmain multi color jacket
$1,390 –

GUESS open toe ankle boots
$240 –

Mark Cross leather shoulder handbag
$2,030 –

MaxMara woven leather belt
$445 –

✨’Twas The Night Before Christmas✨


Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Savior and Merry Christmas to all my beautiful readers. I know most of you are getting ready to hit the road, I wanted to post a little inspiration for you if you are having some issues finding out what to wear tonight. This outfit can be worn to anything, from church to a get together or dinner with friends/family. I wore it last night to my church Christmas Eve service. For my Floridians, since we are not really having a winter this year (lol), it is okay if you just want to wear something like that with nothing else. However, for my readers in other places where it’s probably snowing, get you a nice burgundy or nude coat to keep you warm and you are set. Let’s celebrate Our Savior’s birth in style. Be safe and stay fabulous!

Dress/Purse: Thrift

Shoes: Louboutins

Stockings: macys

Big Hair, Don’t Care🙆🏽💁🏽


Hello my beautiful readers. Hope you all are looking forward to celebrate Jesus Christ Our Savior’s birthday.  It is such a great feeling getting to wish our God a happy birthday. Everyday is His birthday but this season is extra special.

In addition, I’ve been wanted to take some shots of one of my work attires to share with you guys but it’s either I get lazy or I’m running late for work lol. However, I finally made it happen. I wore this outfit on a Monday to work. It was more of a casual week for me. It was very comfortable and since it was raining plus my workplace is very cold that trench coat and the boots kept me really warm. And I bet you can tell I loved my hair (which I didn’t leave on for long lol). All in all, this outfit is a pretty simple outfit that anyone, I really mean anyone can recreate and put their own twist to it if they want to. So, Let’s start the week with a great vibe and don’t cease to smile because we are serving a living God…

Coat/belt: Local thrift store

Shirt: Macys

Pants/boots: Ross